• Ally Jina Kim

    Human-Centered Innovation Facilitator, GS SHOP

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  • Ally Jina Kim

    Innovation Facilitator

    Ally is an innovation facilitator and product designer of Innovation Lab at GS SHOP, trying to infuse design thinking in every function of the company. She leads internal design projects while empowering colleagues to learn and apply design thinking principles and tools on their own.


    For sustainable growth, she believed innovation should be facilitated, not managed by top anymore.


    She is specialized in innovation strategy, product development, UX research and rapid prototyping. She also introduced Facebook workplace as the in-house collaboration tool for the first time in Korea. She studied her Master’s degree in Media Management at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

  • Projects

    A selection of editorials I've worked on



    @DX GS SHOP (2018-19)

    Quickly prototype ideas based on Google Sprint and help you test and validate them. Develop adaptive design sprint for broadcasting industry.

    - New product launch broadcasting TEST

    - GS SHOP My Shopping Re-Design

    - HMR Sample KIT design

    Innovation Training

    Master Facilitator
    @Inno.lab GS SHOP (2017-18)

    We design and operate training courses to learn and practice Human Cantered Innovation that responds more quickly to change. Experience with leading design consulting companies such as IDEO, Experience Point and Google Sprint Experts.



    - GS SHOP Innovaiton 101

    - GS SHOP Innovation Deep Dive 

    - GS SHOP Design Sprint Academy

    - GS Group Grow us Together

    - GS Caltex Innovation Vangard

    - Kaist Entrepreneur Summer Program

    Digital Collaboration Tools

    1st Korea Workplace Partner
    Launching Project Leader @Inno.lab GS SHOP (2016-17)

    Utilizing various Saas-type enterprise collaboration tools, we design digital transformation recipes for your organization. We introduced the Facebook Workplace for Business to GS SHOP for the first time in Korea and branded and implemented the GS SHOP CONNECT program for change management.


    - GS SHOP CONNECT (2017.7)

    Innovation Hackathon

    Project Lead
    @Inno.lab GS SHOP (2015-18)

    Hackathon is an Innovation Trigger event that prototypes ideas for 24 hours. It is held on the first Thursday in September every year for four years after launching in 2015. A total of 366 people participated and submitted 100 ideas. Some ideas such as g-bot that senses risks through SNS are coached and realized.


    website : hack.innolab.us


    Product Owner
    @Inno.lab GS SHOP (2016-17)

    We lead projects that define problems based on design thinking and test and develop small with agile. In the retail industry, based on the needs of internal employees, this is an example of the success of the methodology.


    Website : smim.innolab.us

    Other Agile Projects

    - MINT : mint.innolab.us

    - SMIM2 : smim2.innolab.us


    Service Designer/Co-Founder @Tripperz (2011)

    Based on mobile, I created and started a social travel platform called Tripper, which makes friends in the local community. UX and service design. However, based on customer needs, we were unable to pivot aggressively and stopped service in seven months. Through this, I became interested in developing user-oriented service and creating a culture of growing team.


    Database Engineer @Tech Architect, LIGS (2008-10)

    I worked as a database engineer in a large-scale IT project that newly built the main system of a financial company. We designed and operated an IBM DB2-based database for two and a half years and a project size of 300 people. I was able to learn the literacy of IT and to work with various stakeholders.

  • Recommendations

    The word around town

    Xander Pollock 

    design sprint consultant, former googler

    As a former startup founder, and Googler, I can confidently say that that Ally is an expert in the Google Ventures Design Sprint process. During our work together over multiple months, I saw first-hand how she was able to facilitate diverse groups, all working on different ideas and prototypes towards a common goal. She swiftly and easily switched between offering detail-level advice and big-picture guidance, keeping track of the overall process, individual people, and a wide range of concepts. Ally is someone I can trust, rely on, and work alongside to train and teach difficult startup principles and practices.

    G1 Jung

    GSL Labs, Principal Designer / former IDEO DesignER

    Ally is a dedicated innovation facilitator and always eager to learn and grow. While I was working closely with Ally on a series of Design Thinking & Innovation workshops, she has impressed me with her ability to engage people of all backgrounds and experience levels as well as help different teams navigate the complex tasks with her creative and agile mind. She is meticulous with her effort to create the right program and provide tools to help the teams achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Ally to anyone who is looking for a coach who has the tenacity and a right mindset to drive a team and an organization for a creative transformation.

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